Kite Surfing – El Médano

– In El Médano, in the south of the island of .

The of El Médano is the most important and most recognized natural beach of Tenerife and one of the emblems of the municipality. It is characterized by the golden color of its sand, and by its waters, crystal clear and quiet most of the year. Surroundings to it you can find and enjoy a wide range of complementary services in a quiet, safe and familiar environment.

Kite Surfing - El Médano

Kitesurfing or kitesurfing (also sometimes called kiteboarding, or flysurfing), is a sliding consisting of the use of a traction (). , which pulls the athlete (kiter) by four or five lines, two fixed to the bar (steering), and the remaining two or three (power) pass through the center of the bar and are attached to the body by a harness, allowing to slide on the water through a board or a ski type Wakeboard designed for that purpose.

Several modalities can be practiced; jumps and maneuvers (), regattas between buoys (race) and surf in waves ().

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