Palms tree. Tenerife

Arch with palm trees and creepers on the island of .

Also called Washingtonia de California, it is an arboreal species of the Arecaceas family. It is, along with Phoenix canariensis, Phoenix dactylifera and Chamaerops humilis, one of the main species of that is used for gardening in Mediterranean climates.

Palmeras. Tenerife

In the Canary Islands there is a species of palm endemic to the Canary Islands, the Phoenix canariensis, the Canary palm or Canarian palm. Due to its beauty, ease of adaptation and resistance to cold is one of the most used palm trees in gardening. It is characterized by its leaves (palms) in dense webbed tufts, they can measure between 2 and 3 meters long.


photograph Günter Rohe –
Source: wikipedia.

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