Tenerife tram – La Paz tram stop

Tram of

Tram of Tenerife at the stop of La Paz, in the street de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Coordinates: 28°28′04″N 16°15′39″O
Address: Municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Downtown District – Ifara

Tram of Tenerife

The Tranvía de Tenerife is the urban rail network between the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, inaugurated on June 2, 2007, with a first line joining the Intercambiador of Transports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the avenue of the Trinidad de La Laguna, of 12,5 km and with 21 stops, and later, a second line, of 3,6 km, with 6 stops, whose route begins in La It costs Tíncer destination, linking with line 1 at the University Hospital and El Cardonal stops.

Tram Trails of Tenerife


Tram Trails of Tenerife, line graph to date January 2018
Tram Trails of Tenerife, line graph to date January 2018

Links Tranvía de Tenerife:

App Via-Móvil – App of Transporte de Tenerife

Photograph by Jordi Martos pixabay.com/es/users/jordi_martos-1329697/
Source: Metro Tenerife y wikipedia

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